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  • Tuesday tips for planning safe events: create an evacuation plan!

    Regardless of how prepared you are for your event, emergencies can happen at any time, for any reason. When an emergency occurs, it is often necessary to evacuate all guests, volunteers, and staff immediately in order to prevent injury or harm.

  • Tuesday tips for planning safe events: evaluate, revise and improve!

    People who host/plan events will often do so on more than one occasion. It’s helpful to learn from previous mistakes in order to make future events safer and more successful, which is why today’s tip is to evaluate, revise and improve event safety plans for future events!

  • Planning an Event? Follow these 8 great tips for event safety

    For those who aren’t in the event planning industry, executing an event is far more complex than it seems. Details such as venue planning, guest list, food, transportation, décor and entertainment all demand large amounts of energy and focus. In the midst of event planning excitement,

  • Paramedic Services Week

    Happy Paramedic Services Week! This week we celebrate the outstanding paramedics at Spectrum Patient Services and Spectrum Event Medical Services. Surveys have shown that paramedics are some of the most trusted health care professionals, and we are very thankful for all the support they provide our clients

  • Planning an event? 5 ways to plan ahead for food allergies

    Statistics show that one in every 13 or approximately 2.5 million Canadians suffer from a significant food allergy. With such a substantial portion of the population suffering from allergies, it is especially important that we take this into consideration when planning events.

  • 4 trends that are transforming corporate events

    Corporate events can widely benefit from incorporating new trends in order to keep attendees engaged and excited to participate. When planning any type of event it’s essential to know what’s in and new in the event planning world.

  • Questions to ask when hiring an event medical service

    Hiring the right event medical service team is essential to the success of your event. When planning an event you are liable for the safety of your guests, therefore you must feel confident that the event medical services team you are using will be able to support the needs of your attendees.

  • How to get the most out of your volunteers

    Volunteers often are the back bone to many events. Although volunteers are often behind the scenes, they provide tremendous amounts of support with event planning, logistics and execution. An important aspect of event management is keeping volunteers motivated

  • Tips for a safe & spooky Halloween

    Whether you’re a child, parent/caregiver or a homeowner, we all play a part in keeping neighbourhoods safe during Halloween Here are some quick tips to keep yourself and others safe:

  • Planning an outdoor party? Read these tips before you do!

    Summer is a great time to entertain friends and family outdoors. Before you plan your next outdoor party, be sure to follow these simple tips to pull off a successful soiree.