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  • Our February Employee of the Month is Kim!

    We would like to introduce you to our February Employee of the Month, Kim Mclaughlin. Kim was chosen because of her kindness, compassion for the elderly and for her attention to detail while she is with her clients.

  • Mardi is our January Employee of the Month!

    Have you met Mardi Masewich, our January Employee of the Month? Mardi works out of our Seniors for Seniors Ottawa branch and was chosen because of her friendly attitude and care towards all her clients.

  • Meet our Employee of the Year!

    It was a tough decision to make as we have so many amazing employees in our Seniors for Seniors family but we finally have our Seniors for Seniors 2018 Employee of the Year! Neva Gayle was chosen for this prestigious honour because of her big heart and love towards her clients.

  • Soins de santé

    Spectrum Health Care est une vaste organisation de soins infirmiers et d'aide familiale qui procure des services de santé communautaires depuis 1977.

  • Dale is our March Employee of the Month!

    Dale Heaney, from our Kitchener and Waterloo branch, was chosen as our Seniors for Seniors March Employee of the Month because of her positive attitude and passion for helping her clients. Here are some questions we asked Dale about her experience being a Senior Companion at Seniors for Seniors.

  • Spectrum has the best nurses!

    We at Spectrum Health Care are proud to celebrate the achievements of our amazing team of nurses. This year we had a luncheon where our CEO, Lori Lord, and other members of our senior management team were able to show their appreciation to our nurses on a job well done.

  • Spectrum staff gets some lessons in health and safety

    From fitness boot camps to guest speaks from Achieve Health and the Alzheimer's Society check out the highlights from this year's Health and Safety Conferences.

  • Tuesday Tips for Planning Safe Events: Identifying Risks

    Remember that identifying all potential risks is key to organizing a safe event. Be diligent when determining the incidents you need to be prepared for in order to make sure you’ve considered every possible risk.

  • Top 3 reasons to have event medical services at your next event

    When planning an event there can be an overwhelming number of factors to consider. Amidst deciding on a number of details such as theme, food, entertainment, music, etc., it’s important that you also plan for the safe execution of your event so that it remains a positive experience for everyone involved.

  • Tuesday tips for planning safe events: interactive orientation and training

    To ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely, it is important to know that your staff/volunteers are properly trained on their duties and responsibilities prior to the event taking place.