Specialized Services

Hospital to Home Transition

Recovering from a stay at the hospital can be overwhelming for a patient and their family members. Our caregivers and registered nurses are here to help. Our trained and compassionate staff will be there to ensure patients feel safe and supported. Let us make your journey from hospital to home a pleasant one.

Help with hospital discharge

You may be discharged from hospital to continue recovering from home when you no longer need a high level of hospital care. Healing at home is more comfortable and safer with the right support. You are in a familiar environment at home where risk of falls and infection is lower. However, now that you are getting better at home at your own pace, you should make a plan with your physician and family about the types of activities that you will need some help with.

Avoid hospital re-admission

Always discuss your discharge plan, your home environment and the support you will need with your doctor or care team. There may be tasks you cannot do on your own, and will need assistance with. If you need help with personal care, grocery shopping, meal preparation or getting around, our home care services and caregivers can help you and your family with your post-hospital recovery at home. With the help of a caring caregiver you will avoid falls, stress and hospital re-admission.

At the hospital we will be there with:

  • Admittance support
  • Bedside companions
  • Respite care
  • Transportation home

At the home we can provide:

  • Visiting nurses
  • Home & personal supports
  • Overnight assistance
  • Live-in caregivers

In the community we can assist with:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Driver for errands
  • Escorts for medical appointments

We can customize a care plan that will work with your hospital to home needs.

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My grandmother had major surgery and was able to recuperate in the comforts of her own home with the help of a senior companion. Thank you!

Karen, Kitchener, Ontario (Seniors for Seniors)

I had surgery back in April. Thanks to PSWs coming in regularly, I was able to rest at home.

Brent, York, Ontario (Health Care)

After my hospital stay, I was able to transition back into my home with the help of a companion who was able to help me with groceries, meal prep and cleaning.

Claire, Hamilton, Ontario (Seniors for Seniors)