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  • Meet our caregiver Masi

    If you ask Masi why she has stayed with Seniors for Seniors for so long she will tell you it’s because of her clients, seeing her clients laugh and smile makes her feel like she truly is making a difference in the world. She enjoys being able to help seniors stay in their homes longer and values the friendships

  • Meet our caregiver Nancy

    Over the course of her four years with Seniors for Seniors, Nancy has been able to develop rewarding and longstanding relationships with her clients and their families. Her dedication to improving the lives of her clients has resulted in friendships that Nancy will carry with her for a lifetime.

  • Meet our caregiver Shirley

    Seniors for Seniors has been able to help many clients from dealing with the emotional aspects of loneliness that can come from being alone in their own home or a retirement facility. Shirley considers working with her clients a pleasure and a privilege she cherishes in her life.

  • Meet our caregiver Ann

    Ann has been successful in fostering relationships and building strong friendships with her clients. Being a Seniors for Seniors Companion has provided her the opportunity to form meaningful connections with the clients she assists, noting that all her clients have deeply appreciated the level of care

  • Meet Our Caregiver Shirley L.

    When asked to describe a favourite companion/caregiving experience or story, Shirley reflects fondly on her female friend and their shared musical tastes, remembering the smile and laughter on her face, and the way she would still tap her feet along to the music, even in her declining days.

  • Meet our caregiver Helen

    Helen notes that working for Seniors for Seniors doesn’t feel like work because it is something she loves to do! “It gets me out of the house and makes me feel valued,” she explains. Having witnessed first-hand how busy Long Term Care homes can get, Helen understands that providing one-on-one care and support

  • Meet our caregiver Stewart

    One thing our Seniors for Seniors Companions have in common is their dedication to providing quality elderly care and assistance. This is true for Stewart M, who has been proudly working with Seniors for Seniors as a Drop-In and Driver Companion for over 11 years!

  • Seniors for Seniors launches video series for Seniors' Month

    While our caregivers provide quality care in order to improve the lives of our clients, they often feel as though their own lives are enriched to an even greater extent, thanks to the wisdom and friendship they receive in return from their clients. That is why we believe this video series will have an impact on people.

  • Caregiver Profile: How to enjoy working decades after retirement

    Joan has done quite a few roles while working for Seniors for Seniors; she has been a live-in and drop-in companion, driver and house cleaner. Each position has offered her a uniquely rewarding experience. She has had so many wonderful clients over the years that working has never really felt like real work.

  • Sometimes life’s challenges can result in great rewards

    This was the case for our caregiver Margaret who suffered a serious health crisis in 1998 that had her questioning her ability to ever enter the workforce again. After two years of treatment and recovery, she stumbled upon an ad in the Hamilton Spectator for Seniors for Seniors.