Meet Our Everyday Heroes

Image: Meet Our Everyday Heroes

January 25, 2022 marked two years since Canada’s COVID-19 “Patient One” was identified at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital.

Since then the virus has placed significant stress on the entire health care sector. Many of our employees have shown resiliency by finding creative solutions to unprecedented challenges so that we can continue to provide exceptional care to our patients.

We want to highlight our employees for their ongoing resilience. They have inspired us with their dedication and perseverance in uncertain times and truly live Spectrum’s values of caring, trust, responsiveness and safety. These employees continue to raise the bar in all areas of Spectrum so that we can always be there to provide compassionate care for patients and their families. In doing so, they show us why they are our everyday heroes.

Jenny and Bobbi

Meet Jenny and Bobbi from our Seniors for Seniors Toronto branch team. Jenny and Bobbi delivered an exceptional care experience, from coordination to the delivery of care, all while navigating the challenges of the pandemic.

Jenny is a branch supervisor who did an outstanding job coordinating a companion for a client who needed assistance. Jenny ensured that the communication was seamless and that Bobbi would be there to help in these uncertain times.

Bobbi, our senior companion, called the day before the scheduled appointment to introduce herself to the client’s daughter and to assure her that her mother was in good hands. Despite challenges related to the pandemic, she went above and beyond to ensure that her client got to her appointment on time. Bobbi made sure the client felt cared for by being thoughtful and gentle with her. After the appointment, she called her daughter to report that her mother was safe and sound at home.

Client's Positive Feedback

The client’s daughter emailed us to let us know that because of COVID-19, it has been too risky for her to accompany her mother to her appointments. She appreciated that Bobbi was able to be with her mother and that Jenny provided seamless communication throughout. It gave her peace of mind knowing that her mother was well taken care of.

Thank you Jenny and Bobbi for being everyday heroes. You remind us that compassion and kindness can positively impact someone’s day.