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Senior Care

Aging in place can be challenging if seniors don't have the right support to promote independent living. Spectrum Health Care’s senior care services are designed to provide seniors with the personal and homemaking supports required to remain in the comfort of their home while they age.

Our senior care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are provided by our highly skilled personal support workers and nurses who are dedicated to helping seniors live active and independent lives.

Are senior care services/homecare services right for your loved one?

If living independently is becoming a challenge for your loved one, one of our seniors care services/homecare services can provide cost-effective care when and where your loved one needs it. Our senior care services include:

  • Personal and Home Support: assistance with activities of daily living including: meal preparation, housekeeping, personal hygiene, toileting and errand running
  • Family Caregiver Relief: continuous care while a primary caregiver runs an errand or takes a break
  • Companion Services: assistance with getting to appointments, visiting friends outside the home or simply sitting and playing cards

Did you know?

There are cost-effective community services to help caregivers, some which may even be covered by insurance. If you are caring for a senior, we've put together some helpful tips that will make the task easier:

  • Think of caregiving as a job like any other, take time off and make time for yourself
  • When people offer to help, accept their offer and suggest specific ways in which they can assist you
  • Educate yourself about your loved one's condition and how to advocate on his or her behalf with the health care system
  • Caregivers have to do a lot of lifting, pushing and pulling. Take care of your back, make time to exercise
  • Seek support from other caregivers, either locally or online. Create a circle of support
  • Stand up for your rights as a caregiver, and for the rights of your loved one

Remember that there are cost-effective community services to help caregivers, some which may even be covered by the care receivers insurance.

Call your local seniors centre, senior care organization, municipal information and referral service, hospital social worker or even speak to your physician for suggestions on suitable services to assist you in caring for your loved one.

If you are caring for a senior who is a veteran or the widowed spouse of a veteran, contact your local Royal Canadian Legion or Veterans Affairs branch to see how they can help.

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Your staff are just awesome. I can't say enough about them. We have never been dissatisfied with your service and I'm eternally grateful for the support that you provided to me and my husband.

Alison, Peel, Ontario (Health Care)