Home care fast becoming a preferred option

Image: Home care fast becoming a preferred option

Home care is increasingly becoming a preferred option for frail seniors and those living with chronic health conditions.

No longer are assisted living facilities the only option. People are discovering that their loved one can live in the comfort of their own home and still receive the care that they need.

There are many benefits of home care. These are 5 reasons that home care can be the best choice for seniors and those living with chronic health conditions.


Being able to feel self-reliant and in control of our own lives is important. Home care services are able to let people remain independent and live in their home for as long as possible. Home care services include: grocery shopping, help taking medication, change bandages and wound care, do laundry, run errands, assist with grooming and toileting, bathing, dressing, and going to appointments. There is peace of mind knowing that they are safe and comfortable.

Customized care

The level and frequency of care is customizable according to an individual’s wants and needs. Spectrum Health Care’s personal and home support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether regular care is required or just a few hours of support a week is needed, the patient is able to choose the care plan that they need.

Familiar setting

According to the Government of Canada, the majority of seniors prefer to “age in place” in their homes and their community. Seniors will be more comfortable and enjoy being in a familiar setting than being in an assisted living facility. In particular, seniors with dementia fare better in a familiar environment. Home care will allow more seniors and people living with chronic health conditions to live safely and happily at home.

Quality time

Allowing a loved one to stay at home will enable more quality time together as a family. Home care will ensure that the family will be able to get the support they need. Family members will be able to spend more time with the senior or person with chronic health conditions, all with the peace of mind knowing that a loved one is well taken care of.


Social isolation not only impacts a person’s mental health but physical health as well. Social isolation is now being recognized as a global public health issue. Home care can be a form of companionship. Having someone regularly check up on them will help them feel cared for and can lessen some of the loneliness that one feels during difficult times.

It can sometimes be difficult providing care for someone with chronic health conditions or have physical limitations due to aging. That is where home care comes in. Home care is able to provide the expertise and support needed to ensure that more people are able to live happily and safely at home.