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Foot Care

The importance of proper foot care

Your loved one's feet can give an early warning about serious health problems such as diabetes, nerve damage, poor blood circulation and arthritis.

People can develop serious foot problems as they age, which puts their health, independence and well-being at risk. Our foot care nurses are specially trained in the provision of elderly foot care, diabetic foot care, and will provide treatment, information and support that assist in the promotion of healthy feet and healthy living.

Let us take care of your feet!

Our foot care programs are designed to provide you with techniques, knowledge and information required to keep your feet healthy.

Foot Care Services Include:

  • Treatment of diabetic feet and neuropathy by certified Foot Care Nurse
  • Personalized assessment of feet and nails
  • Toenail trimming and filing
  • Treatment of corns and calluses
  • Cream application to enhance circulation

*There is a fee for receiving foot care services

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My mother has diabetes. We have been using Spectrum Health Care's foot care service for many years now. The foot care nurses are always professional and friendly.

Shilpa, Mississauga, Ontario (Foot Care)

I have difficulty cutting my own toe nails. It is nice to be able to have professionals come and take care of my feet.

George, Toronto, Ontario (Foot Care)

The nurse has always been helpful and sensitive to my needs at the foot care clinic, and I learned a lot of new information about how to keep my feet healthy!

Jake, Toronto

My elderly father is a diabetic and we find Spectrum Health Care's foot care services very helpful.

Elaine, Toronto, Ontario (Health Care)