Personal Support

Family Caregiver Support

With the growing aging population, the number of Canadians taking on family caregiver roles is steadily increasing.

Caring for a loved one can be extremely rewarding but also be a source of increased stress, anxiety and pressure resulting in caregiver burnout. Having the right caregiver supports in place is vital to avoiding burnout. Our family caregiver support services are designed to assist families and their caregivers in taking care of their loved one when and where they need it the most.

Are family caregiver support services right for you?

Are the daily duties of caregiving becoming overwhelming? Are you feeling increasingly stressed about the long-term care needs of your loved one? Could you use a break from caregiving duties, even for just an hour?

Our family/caregiver support services are designed to help family caregivers balance the complexities of caregiving and personal life.

Our dedicated personal support workers are committed to helping caregivers provide quality care to their loved ones through the following family caregiver support services:

  • Home Transition Services: Sometimes the transition home from the hospital or rehab facility can be eased with the help of a professional. Our personal support workers can provide direct personal care to a loved one and offer support, expertise and encouragement to the entire household
  • Respite Care Services: Often, caregivers are so focused on caring for others that they don't have time to take care of themselves. With just a few hours of our respite care services, many of our caregiver clients are able to attend classes and support groups, visit with friends and family, with the knowledge that their loved one is receiving quality professional care


Your support made it possible to care for mom with dignity and love.

John, Toronto, Ontario (Health Care)

The compassion and knowledge you brought to your care of my husband, and by association his family, were the very definition of “outstanding.” We were all fortunate to be surrounded by a constellation of stars that are his team.

Mary, Toronto, Ontario (Health Care)

Not only was Nigel dependable and incredibly knowledgeable, he was sensitive to my father’s condition and very kind and sympathetic to what our family was going through. It was so clear that Nigel is a professional, and that he truly values the work he does, and the people he helps.

Wendy, Toronto, Ontario (Health Care)

Your team helped preserve my wife’s dignity, ease her pain, keep my family’s spirits up, and made us all feel supported and deeply cared for.

Bill, Toronto, Ontario (Health Care)