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What the 'Golden Girls'​ taught us about seniors and companionship

The emotional toll is hard enough but loneliness has also been shown to adversely impact health and longevity. Seniors who have regular interactions with their family, friends, and social networks are shown to live longer and healthier lives.

  • Our foundation is making a difference!

    Through our employees' donations to the foundation, we were able to partner with Society of Sharing, a not-for-profit organization that provides services to low-income seniors.

  • What the world can teach us about home care

    It’s a fact that our population is aging faster than we can build facilities. But why build them at all? What if we could provide quality care in people’s homes, where many Canadians want to age? And what if we could do this at reduced costs to Canadian taxpayers?

  • Richard is our June Employee of the Month

    Every month Seniors for Seniors selects a senior companion who is exceptional at what they do. Richard was chosen as our June Employee of the Month because of his loyalty to his clients. He treats each of them like his personal friend. They really enjoy their time with Richard.

  • Proper foot care 101

    It is vital that we take care of our feet in order to maintain optimum health and independence. We have put together tips on how to maintain healthy feet and strategies to avoid foot complications in the future.

  • Can we finally talk about .... "The H Word"​?

    Did you know there are 40,000 seniors in Canada waiting for beds in long-term care facilities? Spectrum's CEO Sandra on why now is the crucial moment to talk about homecare.

  • Foot care services now available at our Bolton clinic!

    Due to high demand we will be providing foot care services at our Bolton location. Come out to our launch and meet our foot care program manager and specialized foot care nurses.

  • Jayne is our May Employee of the Month

    Every month Seniors for Seniors selects a senior companion who is exceptional at what they do. Jayne Cooke was chosen as our May Employee of the Month because of her dedication to her clients. She always goes above and beyond to meet their needs. Her clients feel she has become their friend.

  • Black Lives Matter

    At Spectrum we are committed to our diverse team of staff and patients. We stand in solidarity with the Black community to denounce all forms of racism.

  • Empower a senior in your life

    It’s not always easy to give the seniors in our lives the time and attention that they need, especially during these challenging times. This Seniors’ Month, show a senior in your life how much you care and value them. During the months of June and July, Seniors for Seniors is offering a discount to all new customers.

  • Eve is our April Employee of the Month

    Every month we choose an exceptional employee to spotlight for our Employee of the Month. Even was chosen as our April Employee of the month because of her positive energy and infectious smile. This is what Eve has to share about being a senior companion.