Palliative Care Resources

  • Spectrum Spotlight: Palliative Care Nurse Katarina Bvoc Berta

    This spring we profiled one of our very special nurses who works with our dedicated and recognized Palliative Care Team: Katarina Bvoc Berta.

  • The most important words in your life: palliative care

    From what angle do you base your understanding? From the view of the doctor's and family members or the view of the patient? It’s easy to become solely focused on easing the suffering a patient or a loved one may be experiencing, instead of framing care around their comfort and dignity.

  • Today is World Cancer Day

    Today on World Cancer Day, we unite in our fight against this global epidemic. Together we can work to reduce cancer risk factors and improve diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. Together we show our support of #WorldCancerDay.

  • What makes life worth living in the face of death?

    Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. He wrote a book detailing his life and battle with terminal cancer. In this moving talk, Paul’s wife Lucy Kalanithi speaks about her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis. She reflects on the range of emotions that come in the face of death

  • Nursing Week Spotlight: palliative nursing

    It’s National Nursing Week! So far we’ve learned about ET nurses who help clients heal wounds, foot care nurses who help keep feet happy, and today we take a look at palliative nurses.

  • We want you to know this …...

    February 4 is World Cancer Day. We honour all those who have been impacted by cancer. We want you to know that you are always in our hearts.

  • What does end-of-life care mean for those without a home?

    Many people who need palliative care are fortunate enough to be supported by a network of family and friends who support their care in the home. But what happens when you’re palliative, have no support system and have no home?

  • Dealing with progressive and chronic illness

    As we age there are a whole host of progressive and chronic illnesses that may impact our independence & functioning significantly.