There’s a robot for that!

Image: There’s a robot for that!

With the advancement of technology, we have become more and more dependent on artificial intelligence, smart technology and robots to enhance our lives.

There are a plethora of new technologies that can enable seniors to live independent and healthy lives longer. Here are some of the cutting edge applications that can help seniors in their day-to-day tasks:


ELLI•Q is an active aging companion that can help seniors feel more comfortable using technology. The robot engages the user in a much simpler way by proactively searching for digital content such as TED Talks, music and audiobooks while connecting the user with family through chat apps such as Facebook Messenger. ELLI•Q also has the ability to monitor wellness and the environment in the home.

Want to see how it works? Check out the live demo here.


Ludwig, a two-foot-tall robot, is the brainchild of Canadian scientist Dr. Rudzicz. Ludwig uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to help people living with cognitive and physical disabilities. The robot is designed to interact with patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia to gather information about their language, mood and cognition. The robot is able to assess a person’s cognitive state based on their speech pattern.

To view CTV’s news segment on Ludwig, click here.


Japan is home to the largest population of people 60 years of age and older so it comes as no surprise that the country has some of the best robotic technology in the world. Asimo, touted as the world’s most advanced “humanoid robot”, can help the elderly in their everyday tasks such as getting food or turning off lights. The robot is able to interpret voice commands and respond accordingly.


Hasbro’s Joy for all Companion Pets are realistic robotic pets that are designed to bring comfort to seniors who may not be able to care for a live cat or dog. The robots have realistic fur and make animal-like sounds. They have sensors that can respond to petting and hugs. The robots are designed to be companions and provide company to the elderly.

To see a Hasbro pet, click here.

There are many robots on the market currently that can help seniors fulfill a part of their physical and emotional needs. Technology is advancing at such a quick rate that people are realizing the importance of utilizing smart technology to support their daily lives, particularly in relation to healthcare.

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