The most important words in your life: palliative care

Image: The most important words in your life: palliative care

If someone asked you to define palliative care, would you be able to?

From what angle do you base your understanding? From the view of the doctor's and family members or the view of the patient? It’s easy to become solely focused on easing the suffering a patient or a loved one may be experiencing, instead of framing care around their comfort and dignity.

The topic of end-of-life care is a difficult one to discuss but one of the most important conversations within anyone’s lifetime. Dr. BJ Miller is a palliative care physician at Zen Hospice Project and faces the realities of palliative care every day. His work with the Zen Hospice Project attempts to deeply analyze questions about creating a dignified end of life for his patients.

As discussions heat up around the country about palliative care, it’s important that we keep the patient at the centre of our focus. Listen to this inspiring TED talk about what really matters at the end of life.