Everyday Heroes: Puvana Uthayakumaran

Image: Everyday Heroes: Puvana Uthayakumaran

Spectrum’s field staff of personal support workers, nurses and senior companions are the cornerstone of our company.

Without their hard work and resilience during difficult times, we would not be able to provide care for our patients, when they need it the most.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic there were a lot of unknowns. Despite this uncertainty, our field staff were on the frontlines of the pandemic, caring for our patients every day. In doing so, they faithfully answer the call to be Everyday Heroes.

Puvana Uthayakumaran

One of our Everyday Heroes is Puvana, a PSW who works out of our York branch. Without fail Puvana provides care to her patients regardless of how far she has to travel. Puvana’s patients are located all over the Markham area. She regularly demonstrates flexibility and commitment to ensure her patients are cared for.

Demand was high during the height of the pandemic. Puvana went above and beyond, taking on extra shifts to help ensure her patients were looked after. Her commitment to her patients is unwavering.

Thank you Puvana

Puvana has a big heart. She is always willing to help out and she truly makes her patients and her coworkers happy. Thank you Puvana for being such a joy to be around. You exemplify Spectrum’s values of caring, trust, responsiveness and safety. You show us what it means to be an Everyday Hero!