National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Grace

Image: National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Grace

Grace's Story

As a community nurse, I get to know my patients as they go through the process of healing, providing support along the way until the treatment is completed. As they embark on their recovery journey, they know they can always count on me.

Being a nurse has been my passion ever since I was a little girl. I LOVE taking care of people and providing a caring hand in their lowest moments. Ensuring that my patients have all the support and care they need is my main focus. I love to bring a smile to their faces and take their mind off their health challenges.

Throughout the pandemic I have learned to be more patient and take one day at a time. I have also learned to prepare myself for challenges. I have witnessed life-changing experiences, which have made me stronger and more resilient. I work with a strong team of nurses and we always have each other's back.

Nursing is my calling – I love my job. It does my heart good to know that at the end of the day, I have improved someone’s life or made them feel better, no matter the situation.