National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Holly

Image: National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Holly

Holly's Story

Working with patients in the community setting allows a nurse to assess the home environment. This unique access helps in the development of an inclusive care plan in collaboration with the patient. Things that might be missed during an assessment in an acute care setting—such as diet, daily activities and necessary supports – can be added to the individual care plan to facilitate the best path forward.

As a wound care specialist, I find it very rewarding to support patients as they navigate their wound healing journey. I love seeing a patient’s face light up when I tell them their wound has closed. There is no greater reward than seeing a patient returning to their life and no longer needing our help.

Through the challenges of this pandemic, I’ve learned that people are resilient. They have adapted, learned self-care, changed how they function daily and have accepted new ways of doing things. This resilience has allowed many to move forward in all aspects of their lives, including their medical care.