Seniors Resources

  • The importance of happiness

    Have you shared your wisdom yet? Don’t be shy! Use the hashtag #wordsfromthewise on your favourite social media platforms and share your wisdom on happiness.

  • Wellness Wednesdays: loneliness prevention

    Numerous studies have shown that socially isolated seniors commonly have a shorter life expectancy. A Review of Social Isolation, by Nicholas R. Nicholson, published in The Journal of Primary Prevention, reveals that social isolation has been demonstrated to lead to numerous detrimental health effects in older adults

  • Wellness Wednesdays: pet therapy

    Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is a type of therapy involving animals as a form of treatment. According to Therapeutic Paws of Canada, using pet therapy can improve an individual’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.

  • Seniors in the sun

    We all look forward to the Summer and the warm weather it brings, but it’s important to remember that too much sun and heat can be dangerous for anyone, and for seniors the risks can be even greater. Here are some tips for seniors to stay safe while enjoying the summer months

  • Don't let your loved one slip through the cracks!

    With an increasingly aging population and a healthcare system that is struggling to keep up with such demands, an increasing number of seniors are “slipping through the cracks” and finding it difficult to get the services they need.

  • Arthritis friendly “deskercises”

    Desk jobs can be unforgiving on your joints. Especially when sitting for 6-7 hours a day, it can cause your joints to become painfully stiff. Here are some fool-proof ways to get blood flowing back into those joints, in-between your memo’s and meetings.

  • Kids and seniors will love these!

    Know a senior whose feeling a bit old? Try these fun family activities; it may take you and them down memory lane. Board game night 70’s, 80’s or 90’s themed movie night Scrabble tournament Charades Retro themed lunch/dinner Karaoke Family bowling

  • Social media and you

    Social media is a great tool for people to connect, especially seniors. It allows them to keep in touch with kids, grandkids and sometimes even great grandchildren. Often, close family members may not live in the same city or same country, social has the ability to connect them instantly.

  • Top 3 home safety devices for seniors

    Some of the most cutting edge technological advances can be found in health care. Devices like Nanobots in blood and Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery are slowly making their way into healthcare facilities worldwide. However, how is technology being used to help the elderly?

  • The real cost of aging alone

    Simple tasks such as cooking and hygiene become more difficult as we age due to our bodies naturally slowing down. The reality is, many seniors are often left to fend for themselves. Did you know that a quarter of all seniors in Canada live alone? And, of that number, those over 80 years old make up the majority.