Seniors Resources

  • A guide to care options for seniors in Canada

    Advances in health care and chronic disease management, along with greater awareness on healthy living is largely behind this change. Whether aging Canadians require just a few care services or 24-hour care, there are plenty of options to suit their needs.

  • Seniors resources

    Navigating the senior's health care space can be intimidating with all the information and resources out there. Here are some general links to organizations that are helpful for seniors.

  • Our April Employee of the Month is Sandra!

    Allow us to introduce Sandra Lockwood, our April Employee of the Month. Sandra was selected because of her patience, care and positivity to her clients. She wants her clients to live fulfilled lives and they appreciate her because of it!

  • Wellness Wednesdays: dental care

    As you or your loved one ages, you may notice changes that need to be made when it comes to taking care of your/their teeth and gums. By making smart choices and taking good care of teeth and gums, seniors of all ages can enjoy good oral health.

  • Betty is our December Employee of the Month!

    Meet Betty Penney, our newest Employee of the Month. Betty, who works out of our Hamilton branch, was honoured to be chosen as the Employee of the Month for December. Here is what she had to say about working at Seniors for Seniors and being a part of our team of fabulous Senior Companions.

  • Bev is our November Employee of the Month!

    Meet Bev Gooden, our Employee of the Month for November. Bev’s managers say she is a wonderful and outstanding Senior Companion to her clients. We asked Bev what it’s like to work for Seniors for Seniors and this is what she had to say.

  • Meet our October Employee of the Month!

    We would like to introduce Carol Preece, our Seniors for Seniors’ Employee of the Month for October! Carol was chosen because of her positivity and friendliness towards her clients. She always makes sure that she takes care of her clients to the best of her ability.

  • Meet April's Employee of the Month!

    Each month we spotlight a Seniors for Seniors’s Senior Companion who goes above and beyond their job description in order to make sure our clients feel special and well taken care of. April’s Employee of the Month is Cathie Place!

  • 4 reasons you should hire a Seniors for Seniors Drop-In Companion

    At Seniors for Seniors we believe that Drop-In Companions not only benefit clients but their families too, here are four reason why you should consider hiring a Seniors for Seniors Drop-In Companion:

  • Meet our caregiver Dorothy

    Our Seniors for Seniors companions are always looking for more ways to give back! Like our caregiver Dorothy B., who has been working as a Seniors for Seniors live-in companion for two years and is eager to continue.