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  • Kids and seniors will love these!

    Know a senior whose feeling a bit old? Try these fun family activities; it may take you and them down memory lane. Board game night 70’s, 80’s or 90’s themed movie night Scrabble tournament Charades Retro themed lunch/dinner Karaoke Family bowling

  • Social media and you

    Social media is a great tool for people to connect, especially seniors. It allows them to keep in touch with kids, grandkids and sometimes even great grandchildren. Often, close family members may not live in the same city or same country, social has the ability to connect them instantly.

  • Top 3 home safety devices for seniors

    Some of the most cutting edge technological advances can be found in health care. Devices like Nanobots in blood and Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery are slowly making their way into healthcare facilities worldwide. However, how is technology being used to help the elderly?

  • The real cost of aging alone

    Simple tasks such as cooking and hygiene become more difficult as we age due to our bodies naturally slowing down. The reality is, many seniors are often left to fend for themselves. Did you know that a quarter of all seniors in Canada live alone? And, of that number, those over 80 years old make up the majority.

  • Exercises to help seniors maintain their balance

    Balance exercises are an important factor in fall prevention. Every year, more than one-third of senior citizens age 65 or older suffer from fall-related injuries. Some of these injuries, for example, a hip fracture, can have a serious impact on an elderly person’s life. Falling could limit the person’s activities.

  • Caregiver Profile: How to enjoy working decades after retirement

    Joan has done quite a few roles while working for Seniors for Seniors; she has been a live-in and drop-in companion, driver and house cleaner. Each position has offered her a uniquely rewarding experience. She has had so many wonderful clients over the years that working has never really felt like real work.

  • Sometimes life’s challenges can result in great rewards

    This was the case for our caregiver Margaret who suffered a serious health crisis in 1998 that had her questioning her ability to ever enter the workforce again. After two years of treatment and recovery, she stumbled upon an ad in the Hamilton Spectator for Seniors for Seniors.

  • Time for some summer fun!

    The summer heat has arrived! It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air with those you care for. Planning day trips with seniors can sometimes be challenging, so a little pre-planning can help ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are three day trip ideas that are easy and enjoyable for seniors.

  • Celebrating the importance of connections

    National Friendship Day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday in August. No matter how old you are, it’s a time to celebrate friendships, old and new! As we grow older, friendships still remain an extremely important part to our happiness and well-being.

  • Why aren’t seniors getting the mental health help they need?

    According to Statistics Canada, as many as 1.4 million elderly Canadians report feeling lonely (CBC Canada). Loneliness can increase the risk for many health problems and unhealthy habits. An effect of loneliness that is often overlooked is the impact it can have on a senior’s mental health.