Diabetes and proper foot care

Image: Diabetes and proper foot care

Having healthy feet are vital to our health and well-being.

In particular, people with diabetes are more likely to experience foot problems that could potentially lead to serious health complications. Here are some basic information that you need to know about diabetes and your feet:

Diabetic foot problems

Diabetes causes poor circulation and blood flow as well as nerve damage, also known as diabetes peripheral neuropathy. That is why people with diabetes are often less likely to feel a foot injury, such as an abrasion or cut. Being diabetic can also prolong the healing process where even a small injury can potentially lead to more serious complications.

Proper diabetic foot care

Practicing proper diabetes foot care daily is extremely important in maintaining healthy feet and to keep diabetic foot problems at bay. Here is a 7-step routine recommended by Diabetes Canada:

1. Wash your feet in warm water using a mild soap. Avoid soaking your feet as this can dry out your skin.

2. Dry your feet carefully and thoroughly, particularly between your toes.

3. Check your feet and in between your toes to make sure there are no blisters, cracks, cuts and ingrown toenails.

4. If you do have cuts or scratches, clean the affected area with mild soap and water and cover with an appropriate dry dressing for sensitive skin.

5. Trim your toenails straight across and file any sharp edges. Be sure to avoid cutting your nails too short.

6. Apply a good, nourishing lotion to your heels and soles. Do not apply lotion in between your toes as this can cause excessive moisture which can lead to infection.

7. Wear clean socks and well-fitting shoes every day. Your shoes should be supportive and should not rub or pinch. Diabetes Canada suggests wearing white socks whenever possible as you can see cuts or sores more easily.

Who can help you maintain healthy feet?

Make the most out of your doctors’ visits by asking questions related to your health. Be sure to ask your doctor the necessary steps that you need to take to maintain healthy feet. It is also important to visit foot care clinics where specialized foot care nurses can give you pointers and tips on how to prevent diabetic foot problems before they start.

Diabetic foot care clinics

Spectrum Health Care has foot care nurses who are specially trained in the provision of foot care, treatment, information and support that can assist you in the promotion of healthy feet and healthy living. Our foot care services include:

  • Personalized assessment of feet and nails
  • Toenail trimming and filing
  • Cream application and foot massages to enhance circulation
  • Assessment and treatment of corns and calluses
  • Advice on how to prevent and care for corns, calluses, toenails and feet conditions
  • Referrals to appropriate resources if required

Want to know more?

Join us at one of our diabetic foot clinics and let our nurses take care of your feet. For details on clinics in your community click here.

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