Margaret is our July Employee of the Month!

Image: Margaret is our July Employee of the Month!

Every month we pick an outstanding member of our Seniors for Seniors team to be our Employee of the Month.

We chose Margaret Dreher as our July Employee of the Month because she goes above and beyond for her clients. She is very caring and compassionate and treats her clients as family. Margaret is a great asset to our team.

Here is what Margaret had to share about being a Senior Companion at Seniors for Seniors:

1. How did you hear about Seniors for Seniors and why did you decide to join the company?

I heard about Seniors for Seniors from two different people. I also read about the organization on-line when searching on the computer for alternate work.

2. What is your favourite companion/caregiver experience or story?

I have a few favourite experiences. One lady that I visited spoke German, English and French. Our connection was the German language. Many times she would speak about her past years of coming to Canada and landing in Montreal, where she had to learn the French language. She kept fluent with speaking German at home. One day she was telling me about "the well they had in their basement" but she used the German term to describe "well." I was able to translate into English for her. This was always a common issue for us on subsequent visits. I also visited a lady in her own home. In this setting I was able to reflect back over many of my childhood memories because some of the cooking items she had were like the ones I used when growing up at home.

3. How has Seniors for Seniors benefited your clients?

Employment with Seniors for Seniors has been very fulfilling to me as I enjoy working/visiting with the elderly and they seem to enjoy my company. I've had clients tell me that they look forward to my visits.

4. How has being a Senior Companion enriched your life?

I worked as a nurse for many years, primarily with the elderly, and learned to appreciate their stories and the wisdom they could pass on. The benefit working for Seniors for Seniors for me is two-fold. It usually allows the "senior" to stay in their home environment longer, and I get to learn from them. I very much enjoy working with the elderly. They have so much to pass on to the next generation.

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