If You're An Employer You Need To Read This!

Posted on: September 26 2013 / Category: General

Immunization is an effective way to protect yourself, your employees and customers.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Spectrum Health Care Enters The Non-Emergency Patient Transfer Industry

Posted on: September 25 2013 / Category: Spectrum News

We've entered a new industry, read about here!

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MEDIA RELEASE: Rebranding of Seniors For Seniors

Posted on: September 24 2013 / Category: Spectrum News

Seniors for Seniors, a division of Spectrum Health Care, has rebranded! Check out the new logo!

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The Right Way To Grieve

Posted on: September 24 2013 / Category: Caregiving

Resident Blogger Glen Lord blogs about the right way to grieve.

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Xalibe Update: Reducing Infant Mortality in Guatemala

Posted on: September 23 2013 / Category: Xalibe

Update on Spectrum Health Care's Xalibe project in Guatemala from CHOICE Humanitarian's Development Director Megan Ah Mu.

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Meet Our Resident Blogger: Glen Lord

Posted on: September 20 2013 / Category: Caregiving, Spectrum News

Meet Glen Lord, Our Guru On Grief

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Online Lessons in Dementia Management

Posted on: September 17 2013 / Category: Caregiving

In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday, we take a look at an Article from the New York Times, written by Judith Graham on Online Lessons in Dementia Management.

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How Important are your Documents?

Posted on: September 09 2013 / Category: Caregiving

Resident Blogger Esther Goldstein blogs about the importance of having an emergency file with your and your loved ones critical documents.

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Meet Our Resident Blogger: Esther Goldstein

Posted on: September 05 2013 / Category: Spectrum News

Meet Esther Goldstein, our Seniors Care and Retirement Living Extraordinaire.

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Nominate A Caregiver By September 30, 2013!

Posted on: September 04 2013 / Category: News

Join Canada Cares, as they show how much they care about caregivers across the country with the Canada Cares Caregiver Awards

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