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Foot care services now available at our Bolton clinic!

Due to high demand we will be providing foot care services at our Bolton location. Come out to our launch and meet our foot care program manager and specialized foot care nurses.

  • Prostate cancer: knowledge, prevention and early detection

    There’s nothing hairy about prostate cancer, other than the truth – 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Thanks to Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada, loads of information about screening, prevention and treatment are at the fingertips of men all over North America.

  • Flu season is fast approaching!

    With cooler months ahead, the yearly influenza (the flu) will soon be making its dreaded appearance. Continue reading to find out more about the flu.

  • Caregivers need care too

    In Canada, over 8 million people provide care to a chronically ill or disabled loved one. Being a caregiver to your spouse, parent, sibling, relative, neighbour or friend is rewarding but can also be very challenging. Continue reading for tips and personal stories about caregiving.

  • Get help with stroke care

    If your loved one recently had a stroke, it is important to remember that rehabilitation is a vital aspect of recovery as it helps stroke survivors learn new ways of performing tasks that will help compensate for any residual damage.

  • Fitness and physical activity for seniors

    As someone ages, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise can help a senior boost their energy, maintain their independence, and manage their symptoms of illness or pain. Not only is exercise good for you/your loved ones physical health, but it is also good for the mind, mood, and memory.

  • Ward off the cold with these foods!

    Cold and flu season is upon us and with that comes many unpleasant symptoms, such as weakness, muscle aches, runny nose, headaches and congestion. There are many factors that affect immune function, one of these key factors is nutrition.

  • Diabetes and proper foot care

    Having healthy feet is vital to our health and well-being. In particular, people with diabetes are more likely to experience foot problems that could potentially lead to serious health complications. Here are some basic information that you need to know about diabetes and your feet.

  • Margaret is our July Employee of the Month!

    Every month we pick an outstanding member of our Seniors for Seniors team to be our Employee of the Month. We chose Margaret Dreher as our July Employee of the Month because she goes above and beyond for her clients. She is very caring and compassionate and treats her clients as family.

  • Meet Zora, our May Employee of the Month!

    Every month we pick an outstanding member from our Seniors for Seniors team to be our Employee of the Month. We chose Zora Menhartova to be our May Employee of the Month because of her thoughtfulness to her clients and her passion for senior care.

  • Know these senior isolation facts

    It is estimated that 30% of Canadian seniors are at risk of being socially isolated. This can be caused by the loss of a family member, poor health, disability, retirement, change of residence and lack of transportation. Unfortunately senior isolation is on the rise.