Spectrum Leadership Spotlight – Meet Kester!

Image: Spectrum Leadership Spotlight  – Meet Kester!

Spectrum leaders light the way for their teams by fostering a positive work environment where character is just as important as technical skill. Kester embodies this commitment by leading with integrity and confidence. As a Home Support Supervisor (HSS) she serves as the vital link between patients, their families, and her team of PSWs.

From conducting initial assessments for new clients, to establishing care plans, managing staff, and following up on any concerns, Kester plays an integral role in ensuring that clients in her region receive the highest quality care. She engages with both team members and clients with compassion and skill. Realizing that PSWs are working independently out in the community, Kester puts forth extra effort to connect with, coach and support her team – providing valuable assistance whenever needed. She ensures her staff know that they are not alone, that they’re supported, and that she is always just a phone call away – available to help them chart the right path forward, no matter how difficult the situation.

Kester’s empathetic, easy-going approach, combined with her wealth of experience, inspires trust and confidence in her team. By continually inspiring others, Kester has earned her reputation as a highly respected role model and a shining example of how Spectrum leaders light the way for their teams.