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Foot care services now available at our Bolton clinic!

Due to high demand we will be providing foot care services at our Bolton location. Come out to our launch and meet our foot care program manager and specialized foot care nurses.

  • Why give a Seniors for Seniors gift certificate?

    It can provide your mother a companion that will get her out of the house and having a good time! Our Drop-In Companions can assist your mother with light exercise by accompanying her on a walk or out to various activities.

  • Achieving quality care by asking the right questions

    When faced with the realization that your loved one is developing signs of dementia, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious about what to do next. My advice to you is don’t panic. There are many resources within your community that will help you find the information and tools you need to achieve the best quality care .

  • Wellness Wednesdays: Arthritis Prevention

    According to The Arthritis Society of Canada, there are over 100 different types of arthritis conditions, but the common denominator among them all is joint and musculoskeletal pain. The pain is typically a result of inflammation of the joint lining.

  • Wellness Wednesdays: foot care

    Foot problems are especially common in the elderly, for a variety of reasons. Feet lose cushioning as they age, and the skin and nails grow dry and brittle. Many seniors have poor circulation, and this can slow the healing of foot sores as well.

  • Meet our caregiver Stewart

    One thing our Seniors for Seniors Companions have in common is their dedication to providing quality elderly care and assistance. This is true for Stewart M, who has been proudly working with Seniors for Seniors as a Drop-In and Driver Companion for over 11 years!

  • Seniors for Seniors launches video series for Seniors' Month

    While our caregivers provide quality care in order to improve the lives of our clients, they often feel as though their own lives are enriched to an even greater extent, thanks to the wisdom and friendship they receive in return from their clients. That is why we believe this video series will have an impact on people.

  • The importance of happiness

    Have you shared your wisdom yet? Don’t be shy! Use the hashtag #wordsfromthewise on your favourite social media platforms and share your wisdom on happiness.

  • Wellness Wednesdays: loneliness prevention

    Numerous studies have shown that socially isolated seniors commonly have a shorter life expectancy. A Review of Social Isolation, by Nicholas R. Nicholson, published in The Journal of Primary Prevention, reveals that social isolation has been demonstrated to lead to numerous detrimental health effects in older adults

  • Wellness Wednesdays: pet therapy

    Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is a type of therapy involving animals as a form of treatment. According to Therapeutic Paws of Canada, using pet therapy can improve an individual’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.