Camilla is our June Employee of the Month!

Image: Camilla is our June Employee of the Month!

Seniors for Seniors chose Camilla Mason for June's Employee of the Month.

Camilla, who works out of the Toronto branch, was chosen because of her positivity and friendly personality. She treats her clients like her friends and wins everyone over with her warmth and optimism.

1. How did you hear about Seniors for Seniors and why did you decide to join the company?

I heard about Seniors for Seniors from Indeed. The company has a reputation of being a great company to work with. I started not knowing anyone at Seniors for Seniors but now I have friends there.

2. What is your favorite companion/caregiver experience or story?

One of my clients told me all about her daughter's love of the ballet. She was a beautiful ballerina and my client showed me a lot of her pictures.

3. How has Seniors for Seniors benefited your clients?

Seniors for Seniors benefits our clients with lots of care and love. We always match our clients up with capable caregivers.

4. How has being a Seniors for Seniors caregiver enriched your life?

Being a caregiver has made my life more meaningful. I feel more connected to the community and providing care to others has made my life better.

Want to learn more about being a Senior Companion? You can visit our employment page here.