Today we celebrate National Seniors Day!

Image: Today we celebrate National Seniors Day!

Since 2011, October 1 has been celebrated as National Seniors Day.

At Spectrum we want to take this special day to appreciate our seniors and celebrate them for their impact on our lives. During these difficult times it is important to check up on our seniors and make sure that they feel cared for. This National Seniors Day reach out and show the senior in your life how much they mean to you.

Give them a call

If you live far away or can’t see your relative in person, a phone call or video chat is a great way to catch up. Ask them how they are doing and what they are feeling during these difficult times. You can also take this opportunity to ask whether they picked up any new hobbies or are watching any television shows that they find interesting. Sharing your own life updates will also show that you want to connect with them and involve them in your life.

Spend quality time

Social isolation in seniors is a growing problem in Canada. Social isolation affects the psychological, cognitive and physical health of seniors. Your senior will appreciate the quality time that you spend with them. Drop in to play a game of cards or prepare a meal together. Taking the time to be physically present in your senior’s life will do them a world of good.

Send a card

A kind and thoughtful gesture can be as simple as sending a card in the mail or an e-card in their inbox. Write out a special message telling them how much they mean to you. Include a gift certificate to their favourite shop or restaurant with the card.

Create a short video clip

Get all of your family members to send pictures or a short video message wishing your senior a happy National Senior Day. This is a perfect way for the senior to feel special. They can watch the video whenever they feel lonely or miss the family.

Go for a walk

Weather and health permitting, go for a walk with the senior to get a breath of fresh air and to have some healthy exercise. Regular walks will greatly benefit a senior’s life by promoting, among other things: heart and lung health, stronger bones and improved balance, increased muscle strength and endurance. Read more about the health benefits of walking here.

Senior companionship

You may not be able to spend time with your relative as much as you would like. Seniors for Seniors will send senior companions to go check up on the senior, buy groceries and drop them off, take them to run errands, drive them to their medical appointments, or just drop by for a friendly visit. Seniors for Seniors provides compassionate and supportive services that can help seniors feel empowered and connected.

COVID-19 precautions

Seniors for Seniors is following the guidance of Public Health Ontario as it relates to the management of COVID-19. These procedures include having our senior companions practice rigorous hand hygiene, wearing Personal Protective Equipment which may include mask, gloves, gown and safety glasses and screening clients before each visit.

To read Spectrum’s official COVID-19 statement and FAQs, please click here.

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