Caregiving Resources

  • We want you to know this …...

    February 4 is World Cancer Day. We honour all those who have been impacted by cancer. We want you to know that you are always in our hearts.

  • Maintaining the connection with those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

    If you’re a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, check out this helpful video to learn how you can maintain a connection with those you care for.

  • It’s time for everyone to give a bit of self-love!

    How often do you practice self-care?! Practicing self-care means managing your health, your diet, and thinking about what your body and mind needs.

  • Mind your mind: caring for those with brain injuries

    Are you a caregiver for someone with a brain injury? Here is a roundup of resources to help you support yourself and the person you care for.

  • Spot these signs of caregiver burnout

    Spot these signs of caregiver burnout and find out what you can do about it.

  • Caregiver Tip Tuesday: Summer livin'

    In this edition of Caregiver Tip Tuesday, we look at making the most of summer and taking some much needed time off to focus on self-care!

  • Aging Without Boundaries: Overcoming physical challenges

    These are ways seniors can overcome physical challenges and changes to their bodies as they grow older!

  • Dealing with progressive and chronic illness

    As we age there are a whole host of progressive and chronic illnesses that may impact our independence & functioning significantly.

  • The benefits of Telehealth

    In this month’s edition of Caregiver Tip Tuesdays we look at Telehealth and the benefits that it has for patients, physicians and our health care system.