Caregiving Resources

  • How important are your documents?

    Resident Blogger Esther Goldstein blogs about the importance of having an emergency file with your and your loved ones critical documents.

  • Meet our resident blogger: Esther Goldstein

    Meet Esther Goldstein, our seniors care and retirement living extraordinaire.

  • DNR by another name

    Great article by Paula Span from The New York Times on how our perspectives of DNR, as an option for our loved ones, change based on the name!

  • Living with multiple sclerosis

    To help promote MS awareness we've highlighted the stories of two courageous Canadians who are currently living with the disease.

  • What do you really know about Parkinson's?

    In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday, Spectrum Health Care teams up with Parkinson's Society Canada to bring you the Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson's Disease.

  • Computer Love: Incorporating technology into caregiving

    In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday we look at the different technologies on the market that are being used to assist with caregiving.

  • 3 tips to make communication with your loved one's doctor easier

    In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday we look at some simple tips to help you communicate with your loved one's physician.