5 things you didn't know were risks for at home seniors

Image: 5 things you didn't know were risks for at home seniors

According to the CBC, as much as 83 per cent of seniors want to stay in their homes and remain independent for as long as possible.

Who can blame them?

When seniors can retain their independence and live at home longer, it has a great impact on their mental health. Studies have shown that when seniors stay in their homes for longer, they enjoy a better quality of life. They recover faster and have a more positive outlook on aging compared to those in long-term care facilities. Home based care can normalize the aging process making it easier on our loved ones.

The comfort that our loved ones enjoy while living at home has wonderful benefits. However, there are things you need to consider to ensure the home environment is a safe one.

Here is what you might not have considered when making your home senior friendly.


The kitchen is a hotspot for accidents; the good thing is that they are easily preventable.

Make sure all hot-water pipes are covered.

Ensure your Carbon-monoxide sensor is working.

Store sharp knives in one easy to reach place. E.g. a magnetic rack.

Exchange old kettles for new kettles with an automatic shut off feature.

Living spaces

Have nightlights in all hall ways.

Tape down the edges of any mats or carpets to reduce tripping hazards.

Remove any cords or furniture from walking ways.

Use non-slip wax on floors and stairs.


Equip your tub with quality skid-proof and non-slip bottom.

Label cold and hot faucets clearly.

Install reputable bath aids (handles, bars, soap dispensers, etc.)

Have a door that can be unlocked from both sides.

A vast majority of seniors thrive when they are able to maintain their independence in the places they call home. With these simple modifications, you can help ensure your loved one can still be independent while remaining safe.

Do you have a loved one living independently, but may need some extra assistance with homemaking? Check out our personalized home making services at Spectrum Health Care or our companion care services at Seniors for Seniors for ways we can help.

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