Mental Health Resources

  • How to keep motivated when you lack motivation

    We are almost halfway through the year. By this time your resolutions may have dwindled; you may find it hard to stay on track with your healthy goals. Here are some healthy tips to keep you motivated when you just don’t have the motivation.

  • Bell Let’s Talk Day: It doesn’t end here

    January 25 was Bell Let’s Talk Day, a campaign that highlighted mental health and the stigma associated with mental illness. We asked our Spectrum Health Care employees to share encouraging words that they would say to individuals dealing with a mental illness.

  • Work got you burned out from 2016? Here’s how to start 2017 right!

    If you felt burned out in 2016 from the demands of your job, you can make changes for a better 2017. Here are some simple steps that you can take to increase productivity and avoid feeling burned out.

  • What’s it like to experience sensory overload?

    In honour of Autism Awareness Month, we are sharing this video from the UKs National Autistic Society which demonstrates experiences that individuals living with Autism face on a day to day.

  • 5 tips for taking care of your body & your mind

    You have probably heard about different ways to take care of your body but what about how to take care of your mind?

  • It’s time for everyone to give a bit of self-love!

    How often do you practice self-care?! Practicing self-care means managing your health, your diet, and thinking about what your body and mind needs.

  • Inside depression

    Inside the mind of someone suffering with depression. Here is the science of depression.

  • Don't let a loved one fade away

    In Canada, nearly 4,000 people take their own lives every year. The highest rate being among those aged 40 to 59.

  • Are you ready for some self-care?

    Self care is important. We want to share the International Self-Care Foundation’s “Seven Pillars of Self-Care” as well as our top recommendations on how you can achieve each step.

  • Caregiver Tip Tuesday: Summer livin'

    In this edition of Caregiver Tip Tuesday, we look at making the most of summer and taking some much needed time off to focus on self-care!