How to keep motivated when you lack motivation

Image: How to keep motivated when you lack motivation

We are almost halfway through the year.

By this time your resolutions may have dwindled; you may find it hard to stay on track with your healthy goals. Here are some healthy tips to keep you motivated when you just don’t have the motivation.

1. Set goals

Set realistic and achievable goals. If you set goals that are too difficult to reach, you may give up after a few weeks. The idea is to set goals that will incorporate healthy habits into your life. Experts say that it takes anywhere from two to eight months for healthy changes to become a formed habit.

Start small and gradually add to your goals. For example, if one of your goals is to add more physical activity into your life, start by walking 15-20 minutes a day four days a week. Gradually bump up your walks to 30 minutes a day five days a week. A long-term goal may be to participate in a 5K walk or run.

2. Surround yourself with positivity

Life is too short and too precious for you to be around negativity. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you and challenge you to be the best version of you. Spend time with people who have healthy habits and attitudes that you want to emulate. Remember that positive people attract positive energy and negative people attract negative energy. Choose positive and you will start to see positive changes in your life.

3. Don’t forget to have fun!

You will be more motivated to live a healthy life if you are enjoying it. If one of your goals is to eat healthier meals, then find food inspiration (foodspiration) from websites like Pinterest, and the Food Network. If one of your goals is to read more books, then join a book club or create a book club with your friends. Developing healthy habits should not be a chore. If you are enjoying the new healthy routines in your life, then you are more likely to keep up with it.

4. Know your triggers

Know what triggers you to eat an entire tub of ice cream or what drives you to max out your credit card at the mall. Do you use an outside source, such as eating, drinking, or shopping to cope when you are feeling sad, disappointed, stressed or bored? Knowing what feelings provoke you will help you brainstorm solutions to your unhealthy habits.

5. Treat yourself

Treat yourself every time you reach a goal. If your goal is to give up smoking cigarettes, then use the money that you would have otherwise used for cigarettes for a vacation. Or if you went down two clothing sizes, go celebrate by buying a nice new pair of jeans. Rewarding yourself for achieving goals will motivate you to keep going with your healthy habits.

6. Forgive yourself

As Alexander Pope said, “to err is human.” We all make mistakes and we all falter with our resolutions and goals. Just because you indulged one weekend does not mean that everything you have achieved so far is nullified. The key is to get back up and try again.

7. Love yourself

You love your family and your friends so why wouldn’t that same love be extended to yourself? Love yourself even in the midst of feeling like you failed. Love yourself through all your challenges because those challenges are what makes you human and those challenges are ultimately what will make you stronger.

8. Believe in yourself

Believe that you are capable of shaping your life into what you want it to be. Believe that you are strong and able to achieve your dreams and goals. Know that changes in your life can be difficult but they are necessary for you to be your best self.

We all start off with the best of intentions but it can be hard to keep going with our goals. Remember that it’s the small and steady steps that can lead to big life changes. Share with us some of your favourite ways to keep motivated on Twitter @Spectrum_HC