COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Image: COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Spectrum is thrilled that some of our frontline staff are already receiving COVID-19 vaccines in congregate settings and the community.

We are advocating for a quick roll-out of vaccinations to all frontline PSWs and nurses in the community. Below you can find information about Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccines which are supported by very robust scientific data and evidence. As a health care provider, Spectrum Health Care fully supports and advocates for health care workers to be vaccinated.

The following are frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines from Health Canada guidance.


When will I get the vaccine?

The province has a detailed roll-out plan based on an ethical framework which considers many factors. Home care providers are included in Stage 2 roll out plans. Stage 1 is in progress now and focuses on long-term care home residents, high risk retirement home and congregate settings residents and staff. Each region is managing the roll-out plans locally so there could be slight variations in timing of vaccines. Plans have been adjusted to reflect availability of vaccine.

Which vaccine will I receive?

You will receive the vaccine that is available at the clinic you are attending. At this point in time due to supply there is not a choice of manufacturer.

If I have had COVID-19 should I still get the vaccine?

Yes. It can be administered 90 days after your infection is resolved.

Do I need to continue to follow public health measures now that I have received the vaccine?

Current vaccines are about 90-95% effective.

Wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and consistent hand washing will protect others, especially patients.

What should I do if I got my first dose of vaccine and am showing symptoms of COVID 19? Should I get the second dose per the prescribed interval?

Mild side effects are common for all vaccines and typically resolve in a few days. It is important to receive both doses as protection offered by the first dose is lower than the efficacy achieved after the second dose.

The Ministry has provided a number of guidance documents describing common side effects following vaccination including an After Care sheet and Guidance for Health Care Workers.

Resources and more info

Below are some helpful resources about the COVID-19 vaccines from reputable sources:

COVID-19 Vaccination Locator

As more vaccines are becoming available for health care frontline staff, here are links for checking vaccine availability in your city. We encourage our staff to register and make an appointment for vaccinations.

Provincial booking system

Toronto and Scarborough clinics

Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics (

York Region clinics

Peel Region vaccine registration link

Access your local health unit's vaccination plan

The College of Nurses of Ontario have created a centralized webpage where you can access your local health unit’s vaccination plan and learn how to register for a vaccine. If you have any questions about the vaccination rollout in your community, or how you can get a vaccine, you can contact your local public health unit.