Introducing our new mission and vision

Image: Introducing our new mission and vision

Spectrum's CEO Sandra Ketchen on our refreshed mission and vision and why 2021 is the year to dream big for home care.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I took the reins as CEO at Spectrum Health Care. I am honored to be part of the long and proud history of this company. We have grown tremendously over the last 40+ years, improving the lives of thousands of patients and families across the GTA and empowering individuals to be cared for in the place they feel happiest and safest – their home.

We have done all of this thanks to our people - 3500 strong - nurses, personal support workers, senior companions and support staff.

In fact this last year the pandemic just reinforced the incredible importance of care at home for those most vulnerable in our society, especially our seniors. While the world changed around us and COVID-19 waves washed through, Spectrum continued to provide home care for 25,000 people last year, day in and day out. Home care matters more than ever.

That is why we chose 2021 as the year to renew our focus, re-imagine our vision for the future, and reinforce our corporate mission.

I have said before that long term care is not a place, it’s a journey. More than 90% of seniors say they would prefer to stay in their home for as long as possible with the right care supports – they want and deserve this choice.

Our new mission and vision is solely focused on our patients and their families – how do we make this journey easier and better for them – while at the same time ensuring we are working with collaboration and impact alongside the other healthcare system partners around us.

With this backdrop I am proud to share Spectrum Health Care’s new vision and mission for the future!

Our Vision: A world where people, especially our seniors, have the choice and confidence to be cared for at home.

Our Mission: We are re-imagining home care for clients and families to provide products and services they need, whenever care is required, delivered by the most qualified and compassionate staff.

We are excited about this next leg of our journey and especially about our ability to bring positive impact to the people living our communities who need our help. And as my idol Bruce Springsteen once wrote in a song – “Talk about a dream, try to make it real” – we are dreaming big here at Spectrum Health Care.