About Us

A Message from our CEO

Spectrum Health Care is not just one of Ontario’s largest providers of home support, nursing, and senior companionship. It’s a team of extraordinary people whose daily mission is to provide exceptional health care services to our patients and their families.

At Spectrum, we believe in helping people stay safe, happy, and independent in the place they love most – their home. Many of our patients face daily challenges living with chronic disease. Others are recuperating from hospital procedures or treatments. However, the vast majority of people in our care are seniors who overwhelmingly chose to age at home and not be one of the 40,000 Canadians waiting for access to facility-based care. Wherever possible, they want to remain active and fulfilled by participating in their communities, staying close to family and friends. Often our seniors need help to navigate daily activities of living, related to either physical or cognitive challenges. When any of our patients become palliative, we help them and their loved ones navigate end of life journeys of their own design. Simply put, our mission is to help all of these people stay at home longer.

We fulfill this mission with a team of amazing professionals – nurses, personal support workers, senior companions, and physiotherapists who are the heart of our organization. Their commitment, skill and empathy keep our patients safe and comfortable, living life at home in the best possible way. At Spectrum we live our core values every day and with every patient – caring, trust, responsiveness, and safety.

I am honoured to lead Spectrum as we broaden our community impact, serving more patients through our Total Care model. We strive daily to improve patient experience and outcomes, always encouraging our staff to thrive and learn.

“Always with you” is not just our motto, it is what moves us to be an integral part of our patients’ healthcare journey and an extension of their caregiving circle. The strength and courage of our patients and their families inspires each and every one of us to continue this mission.

Warm Regards,

Sandra Ketchen