About Us

Patient Safety

At Spectrum Health Care we are committed to the safety of our patients. To ensure the highest level of patient safety, Spectrum Health Care has implemented the following initiatives:

Fall Prevention

  • Upon admission to service, all patients are assessed for the risk of falls using a standardized tool
  • Patients are given a score, based on risk factors, which is used to help determine the overall patient service and risk codes
  • Patient falls are tracked through Spectrum Health Care's incident reporting system and are reviewed regularly for process improvements

Infection Prevention & Control

  • Spectrum Health Care has implemented the Ontario Government's "Just Clean Your Hands Program." Proper hand hygiene is reinforced with staff at orientation and on an ongoing basis throughout the year
  • All field staff are provided with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and personal protective gear such as gloves, gowns and masks to prevent the spread of infection between clients
  • Infection rates are monitored at time of admission and if the infection occurs while on service

Medication Reconciliation

  • Spectrum Health Care has adopted the industry standards for Medication Reconciliation as a formal process
  • Staff strive to ensure that medication information transfer is accurate and complete in order to reduce the risk of medication errors for patients, especially patients who are transitioning from hospital to home or long-term facility


  • Client Information Handbook: Booklet created by Spectrum Health Care to provide patients with information on patient safety, privacy, patient rights and service
  • All staff are provided ongoing training that focuses on increasing patient safety, these include educational sessions on proper transfer techniques, safe use of Hoyer devices (i.e. lifts and IV pumps) and the use of protective gear for preventing the spread of infections.