Nurses: with you every step of the way!

Image: Nurses: with you every step of the way!

The Canadian Nurses Association has chosen “Nurses: With you every step of the way” as this year’s theme for Nursing Week.

The theme emphasizes how important nurses are in the lives of their patients—at every age, in all health situations, and for all Canadians.

In order to show our support of National Nursing Week, we have compiled a list of ways we believe nurses demonstrate their commitment to caring for patients “every step of the way”:

  • Nurses inspire us all with their hard work, and dedication each and every day.
  • They constantly ensure that patients’ basic hygiene needs are met while under their care and supervision—often working long hours to ensure these needs are fulfilled!
  • Nurses even have a role to play in diagnosis! As a first step in your treatment process, they are there to perform tests and help the doctor determine what type of care and medication you need!
  • On an ongoing basis nurses provide health promotion, counselling and education. They are committed to providing knowledge and health tips every step of the way!
  • Nurses are there for patients when other people can’t be. If family and friends are busy, a nurse can provide company and support!
  • Nurses are committed to following patient progress and keeping ongoing documentation of treatment results in order to improve care.

The Canadian Nurses Association wants to hear what you think! Hashtag #everystep on Twitter to share how Canadian nurses have been there for you and your loved ones “every step of the way.”