Tips for long distance caregiving

Image: Tips for long distance caregiving

Today's Caregiver Tip Tuesday post comes from Caregiver Solutions magazine and was written by Emma Malm.

When relatives live far away, you can still provide them with your care. Here are a few simple steps to make things a little easier:

  • Call frequently and send newsletter clippings photos and books. Consider installing Skype on the home computer and showing your family members how to use it. Anyone with the program can call anywhere in the world to another computer and the service is free.
  • Ask a friend, family member or neighbour to visit at regular times and keep in touch.
  • Arrange for important medical information to be kept in a care log or binder for easy access.
  • Communicate in the workplace and let others know the situation you're dealing with in case an emergency should arise. Make sure you understand your company's policy on caregiver leave.
  • Plan ahead to have family leave days available in case you need to take an unexpected trip.
  • Realize that conditions change and that you'll likely find the changes in your elder more dramatic than those who are there every day.


Emma Malm, Caregiver Solutions, Volume 14, Issue 3 , 2012 pg. 6