Questions to ask when hiring an event medical service

Image: Questions to ask when hiring an event medical service

Hiring the right event medical service team is essential to the success of your event.

When planning an event you are liable for the safety of your guests, therefore you must feel confident that the event medical services team you are using will be able to support the needs of your attendees. Before hiring any event medical service there are some important questions to ask to ensure that you are receiving quality event medical services. In this blog post by Guardian Elite Medical Services, they provided several key questions to ask, some of which include:

1. “What type of events do you provide services for?”

Depending on the type of event you are planning to host, it’s important to find an event medical service with experience in that realm. Knowing that the company is able to provide services to the size and scale of your event is important.

2. “What events have you done in the past? Can I see a resume? Do you have a list of references?”

Prior event experience is key to ensuring the success of your event. Ask about the types of events the special event medical service has worked in the past and whether or not a list of references can be provided.

3. “What type of equipment do you use? How often is it checked?”

When hiring event medical services you are not only hiring personnel, but also you are hiring personnel to bring in their own equipment. This includes defibrillators, oxygen tanks, emergency medications, bandaging supplies, etc. Ensuring your event medical service has a preventative maintenance program in place ensures that the equipment is serviced and up to date and able to respond to any medical emergency.

4. “What is your quality assurance program like? What kind of training do your employees receive?”

Quality assurance and training programs ensures that your hired staff is trained to handle any emergency that should arise.

These are all important questions to consider when hiring event medical services to work at your events. At Spectrum Event Medical Services we have the staff, equipment and training to cater to a variety of different event types including corporate, community and private events ranging in size. Our employees are Certified Emergency First Responders and Ontario Paramedics (AMECA) and are trained in CPR, Defibrillation and Basic Life Support. They are able to address a variety of medical needs on children, adults and seniors. Providing event planners with this information assures them that we deliver trusted, quality service to our clients.