Meet our Employee of the Year!

Image: Meet our Employee of the Year!

It was a tough decision to make as we have so many amazing employees in our Seniors for Seniors family but we finally have our Seniors for Seniors 2018 Employee of the Year!

Neva Gayle was chosen for this prestigious honour because of her big heart and love towards her clients. As a Senior Companion, Neva always makes her clients feel cared for by being patient and giving them the attention that they need. We asked Neva some questions about working at Seniors for Seniors. Here is what she had to say:

1. How did you hear about Seniors for Seniors and why did you decide to join the company?

A friend told me about Seniors for Seniors. She said that the company is dependable and trustworthy. I did some research of my own and found that the company’s values aligned with mine.

2. What is your favorite companion/caregiver experience or story?

It is hard to pinpoint or pick out a specific experience or story. They are all memorable and special in different ways. I love meeting people of different backgrounds and hearing their stories and experiences. Everyone has a story that is unique to them.

3. How has Seniors for Seniors benefited your clients?

I feel that our clients benefit from our services because we are able to help them remain in their homes longer than they normally would. Our support and assistance help them keep their independence and also offers a peace of mind to their families.

4. How has being a Senior Companion at Seniors for Seniors enriched your life?

There is an immense satisfaction with having a job that helps others. I feel great whenever I do a job well and to the best of my abilities. I love helping people and putting a smile on their face!

Thank you Neva for going above and beyond to make sure that our clients feel valued and cared for! Keep up the great work!

Want to learn more about being a Senior Companion? You can visit our employment page here.