Jayne is our September Employee of the Month!

Image: Jayne is our September Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Jayne Cooke, Seniors for Seniors’ September Employee of the Month.

Jayne provides outstanding, consistent, reliable care to her clients as a Driver Companion. Jayne genuinely cares about her clients and wants the very best for them. She is a valued Companion with Seniors for Seniors and we are grateful for all her hard work and dedication.

We asked Jayne to share her experience being a senior companion:

1. How did you hear about Seniors for Seniors and why did you decide to join the company?

    I liked the sound of helping seniors keep their independence.

    2. What is your favourite companion/caregiver experience or story?

      There is not one instance that comes to mind but I feel like I'm filling a gap in my client's lives. Their family members are living in other cities, busy working or otherwise not available as often as they'd like to be for their loved ones.

      3. How Seniors for Seniors benefited your clients?

      I can fill that space, be that person who visits, listens and provides companionship that is not demanding anything from them.

      4. How has being a Seniors for Seniors caregiver enriched your life?

      Seniors for Seniors has enriched my life by allowing me to be in other people's lives and be someone they look forward to seeing each week. I have heard their stories, found out about their cares and concerns and tried to be a positive influence for them.

      Want to learn more about being a Senior Companion? You can visit our employment page here.