Top gift ideas for seniors

Image: Top gift ideas for seniors

With the holidays coming up, you may be scratching your head trying to find the perfect gift for the senior in your life.

It can be difficult trying to find a meaningful and useful gift for your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. Well you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the top gifts to give to the senior in your life.

Amazon Echo or Google Home

Whatever your home needs are, these virtual home assistants are there to help. Amazon Echo and Google Home are able to turn on and turn off lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, and so much more. Seniors will be able to control many aspects of their home, all with the use of their voice.

iRobot Roomba

Your relative will appreciate receiving the iRobot Roomba. The iRobot uses sensors to navigate around the home using a 3-stage cleaning system that agitates, brushes and suctions floors. The iRobot can be scheduled up to 7x per week or will start cleaning simply by pressing CLEAN on the robot. The robot docks, recharges and will adjust to clean all types of floors such as carpet, tile, hardwood and laminate.

Brain Activities (puzzles & colouring books)

Puzzles are a good gift for seniors. They help with brain function by improving memory, hand-eye coordination and sense of spatial arrangements. Puzzles simultaneously stimulate both the right and left sides of the brain. They are fun to do solo or as a family activity.

There are puzzles that are carefully chosen to help seniors living with dementia. These puzzles can be wiped clean, have larger pieces that can easily interlock and are easy on the eye. Puzzles can be therapeutic as they provide the senior with a sense of achievement and control.

Colouring books are great for seniors to tap into their artistic side. The colouring books are fun and relatively inexpensive. Be sure to choose a book that matches their interests such as scenery, food, animals, architecture, etc. Throw in a nice set of crayons or pencil crayons and you have a great holiday gift!

Companionship services

You may not be able to spend as much time as you’d like with your relative. Fortunately there are services available that specialize in senior companion care.

Give the gift of a companion who will come into the home to keep your relative company through social activities and personal care if needed. Services include drop-in, live-in or overnight assistance, house cleaning, personal and homemaking as well as driving services.

Purchase an e-gift card online or by calling Seniors for Seniors at 1-844-339-8638.

Food delivery

If your elderly grandma or grandpa is having difficulty going grocery shopping, consider gifting them a food delivery service. There are many options on the market that will deliver groceries straight to your loved one’s door.

The great thing about having groceries delivered is that the senior in your life can remain independent while you have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the groceries and meals they need. Read more about the pros and cons of food delivery systems here.

Foot care services

Unlike a day at the spa, medical foot care services are health care related. People can develop serious foot problems as they age, which puts their health, independence and well-being at risk. Foot care nurses are specially trained to provide foot care treatment, education and support to the elderly and those with special diabetic foot care needs.

Purchase foot care gift certificates for your loved one’s by calling 1-866-944-6378.