Darlene is our newest Employee of the Month!

Image: Darlene is our newest Employee of the Month!

Our November employee of the month is Darlene M.

Darlene is very caring and compassionate. She always goes above and beyond when providing care for her clients. We have received nothing but great feedback from her clients and their families.

We asked Darlene a few questions about her experience as a senior companion, this is what she shared:

1. How did you hear about Seniors For Seniors and why did you decide to join the company?

I had worked in long-term care and the retirement environment for 13 1/2 years and then in private care for a few years. After settling in the Kitchener area I was looking for something to do as I was retired and had recently relocated to Kitchener from Muskoka.

I was chatting one day with a lady who is also a senior. She mentioned a company called Seniors for Seniors and it sounded ideal for me. I looked Seniors for Seniors up and found an office based in Kitchener. I dug out my really old resume, tweaked it up, sent in an application and was rewarded with an interview with Joanne and a chat with Tanya. I was called back for an intake interview and an orientation meeting and I was on my way.

Just imagine this old, retired, woman, with too much time on her hands, finding herself still useful, helpful, and above all employable!

2. What is your favorite companion/caregiver experience or story?

    Getting to know a new client is a very unique experience. Some are afraid of having to go away, some are in extreme pain, a few are confused, and some are just plain lonely! There is a need in all of them to see a smiling face, the offer of a helping hand to keep them in their own homes, a little bit of assistance with remaining clean or maybe just a cup of coffee and a sandwich to hold them over until family members return at the end of a long, lonely day.

    I enjoy hearing their stories about their lives - older people have stories to tell and if you listen they will talk. The horrors in Europe during the years of war. Did you know that the Von Trapp family had three more children (10 in all), after they came to the United States?

    3. How has Seniors For Seniors benefited your clients?

      I still keep in touch with one of my very first clients with Seniors for Seniors. A delightful little lady who loved to tell stories and do puzzles. During 2020 in what was a most difficult year, she was removed from our area and now lives with family about 5 hours away. I had a chance to make a surprise visit to see her and she was delighted to see me. .

      My clients truly become my friends, I learn from them in many ways.

      4. How has being a Seniors For Seniors caregiver enriched your life?

        You are never too old to be helpful and you are never too old to learn!

        If someday I reach a point where I need assistance, I hope someone with a smile and a helping hand will be able to reach out to me from a place like Seniors for Seniors.

        Want to know more about being a senior companion? You can visit our employment page here.