Bring joy to your loved one this holiday

Image: Bring joy to your loved one this holiday

This holiday season will be very different with the ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures in place.

For seniors the holidays can be an especially lonely time of the year with family members being far away or quarantining to keep the seniors safe.

Families are doing all that they can to spread holiday cheer to their senior loved ones. This includes calling them during the holiday season, sending cards with a personal message, thoughtful gifts or dropping off food. However, with the ongoing pandemic it can be a challenge for families to provide the care and attention that the senior needs.

At Seniors for Seniors we offer a range of services that can provide companionship safely to seniors during these unprecedented times. All of our services are provided by mature companions who understand the aging process.

Our senior companions are taking extra precautions to keep themselves and their clients safe while providing exceptional services ranging from dropping in to check on the senior, playing cards, running errands, house cleaning to providing overnight care. Our broad services include:


Companions can visit seniors living on their own to provide them with company during the holidays and beyond. They can help put up holiday decorations, write holiday cards, play board games, watch movies, make a meal together and provide a friendly face to keep a senior company.

Personal care

Personal care is important with helping a senior remain independent and healthy. Companions can help a senior with personal grooming (such as oral hygiene, hair care, skin care), toileting assistance, dressing, incontinence care and medical reminders. Our companions can also assist the senior with physical exercise which is necessary even during the cold winter months.

House cleaning

Having a house that is clean and comfortable will help keep a senior’s spirits up during the holidays. Our house cleaning services can be used daily, weekly, monthly or whenever the need arises. Types of house cleaning services include dusting, polishing, vacuuming, doing laundry and cleaning washrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.


Our driver companions are able to take a senior anywhere they need to go. Whether it’s going to a doctor’s appointment, picking up groceries, or driving by to look at holiday decorations set up by neighbours, our companions will accompany the senior for the full duration of the outing.

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Visit to learn more about the range of services that can enrich the lives of seniors during the holidays. You can also purchase an e-gift card online or learn more by calling Seniors for Seniors at 1-844-339-8638.