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Flu Clinics

The flu can show up any time without warning. Why not protect your staff during flu season with a workplace flu clinic?

Spectrum Health Care offers onsite workplace flu clinics to help prevent the flu from spreading in your organization. We are a government authorized flu prevention provider approved for Toronto and Peel. We specialize in workplace vaccinations by providing flu shots for employees.

Flu and the workplace

Flu symptoms generally last five to six days and can take up to 10 days for full recovery. This can cause someone with the flu to be bedridden for three to four days, thus resulting in absenteeism from the workplace. An infected person is contagious for seven days after symptoms appear. This is why the flu is able to spread so quickly and easily in the workplace.

According to the Canadian Healthcare Influenza Immunization Network, approximately 1.5 million workdays are lost in a year in Canada due to the flu. Health care costs and loss of corporate productivity amounts to approximately $1 billion annually. You can help protect your employees from the flu and improve absenteeism by hosting an onsite workplace flu clinic.

The benefits of hosting a flu clinic are:

  • Reduction of flu transmission amongst your staff
  • Reduction of illness and absenteeism
  • Promotion of a healthy workforce and improved productivity

Hosting a flu clinic is simple:

  • You provide a space onsite at your location (Toronto or Mississauga only)
  • We order the vaccines and bring the supplies
  • We help promote the clinic within your organization
  • Our nurse will administer the shots onsite


Ready to book or want to learn more?

Give us a call at:

Toronto: 647-952-3325
Mississauga: 647-953-1461

Wellness clinics

Spectrum Health Care offers blood pressure screening, glucose and cholesterol screening and immunization services. Book a wellness clinic of your choosing to reduce illness and develop a corporate culture of health and well-being.

We can develop the following customizable wellness clinics for your organization:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Glucose and cholesterol screening
  • Immunization clinics
  • Pediculosis/lice clinics

Ready to book or want to learn more?

Give us a call at:

Toronto: 416-964-0322
Mississauga: 905-272-2271
York: 905-771-2766



This is the second year that we have used your flu clinic at my organization. My co-workers appreciate the convenience of getting their flu shots at work.

Nicki, Mississauga, Ontario (Health Care)