Superfoods that are super helpful to your kidneys

Image: Superfoods that are super helpful to your kidneys

Did you know that your kidneys are about 4-5 inches long and approximately the size of your fist?

According to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the kidney’s main three functions are to filter blood through our bodies, regulate water and produce hormones. Each kidney contains around a million nephrons, each of which is a microscopic filter for blood. You can lose up to 90% of your kidney’s function without experiencing any symptoms; that is why keeping your kidneys healthy is so vital.

March is Kidney Health Month and to celebrate our kidneys, we have put together a list of superfoods that will help your kidneys work at optimum levels. These healthy superfoods are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your kidney health. Bring this list with you the next time you head to the grocery store!