Xalibe Update: Hospital hires two physicians!

Image: Xalibe Update: Hospital hires two physicians!

CHOICE believes in what you're doing.

Providing the best possible healthcare to clients for self-reliance, resonates with us at CHOICE. That's why we're the perfect partners: dedicated to the idea that the value and dignity of human life must be respected. It's no wonder why together we can tackle a project as big as the Nueva Concepcion Hospital.

Bringing health care to a community that has never had it before is no small task. For our work to be sustainable, we need as many partners as we can get. So CHOICE is proud to announce that the local government in Guatemala has recognized the significance of Spectrum Health Care's and CHOICE's work together and has decided to join us. The government is now funding the salaries of two doctors for the Nueva Concepcion Hospital! The doctors have already treated 280 adults and 269 children for pneumonia, intestinal infections, diabetes, family planning and so much more! And this is just the beginning.

By partnering with organizations like the government, CHOICE is stretching Spectrum Health Care's dollars even further ensuring your dedication to healthcare reaches more people. We can't thank you enough Spectrum Health Care for sharing and spreading your values throughout the world.


Megan Ah Mu
Development Director | CHOICE Humanitarian