Press Release: Spectrum Health Care partners with CIMT College for personal support worker scholarship

Image: Press Release: Spectrum Health Care partners with CIMT College for personal support worker scholarship

(Toronto, Ontario) Friday, September 6, 2019.

Spectrum Health Care, in partnership with CIMT College, is pleased to announce the Spectrum Scholarship. The Spectrum Scholarship is a unique health care industry opportunity offered to a selected group of students who have demonstrated a commitment and passion to community care and are interested in entering the exciting and highly rewarding field of home care.

The Spectrum Scholarship provides selected students with subsidized tuition for the entirety of a Personal Support Worker or Personal Support Worker Bridging program at CIMT College. After the completion of the program, successful graduates will be offered full-time employment with Spectrum Health Care in the GTA for a commitment period of two years.

Successful candidates will be selected for the scholarship based on the following criteria:

  • demonstrated record of voluntary involvement in their community, i.e. retirement home volunteering, working with seniors in home or facility, hospice care, animal shelter volunteering, working with people with disabilities and working with children
  • possess the following skills and attributes to excel in the program and in a home care career:
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • customer and patient focused attitude
  • ability to work independently
  • desire to show initiative and drive to go above and beyond
  • interest in the health care and medical industry
  • excellent conflict management skills
  • commitment to patients
  • ability to accept constructive feedback and apply learnings to work
  • ability to build strong relationships with peers
  • ability to maintain professional boundaries while building positive and constructive relationships with patients and families
  • mutual trust and respect for confidentiality and responsible communication
  • sensitivity to cultural, familial, ethnic, spiritual and linguistic factors

Interested students must apply through CIMT College by following CIMT College's standard application guidelines and indicating interest in the Spectrum Scholarship via a one page personal essay on why they would be an ideal candidate.

For more information about the Spectrum Scholarship or to start the scholarship application process, please call 905-671-9999 to speak with a CIMT College Admissions Advisor or visit:

Spectrum Health Care is excited to support this innovative industry partnership initiative to help train the next generation of personal support workers in Ontario.