Live-in companionship: finding happiness in unexpected ways

Image: Live-in companionship: finding happiness in unexpected ways

Being a live-in companion is said to be a uniquely rewarding experience, different from other types of companionship.

Don’t believe us? Ask our caregiver Emmy.

Emmy has been with Seniors for Seniors since 1989 working as a live-in companion since we opened our doors in 1985. Emmy was referred to Seniors for Seniors by a friend who thought that her skill set and compassionate nature would be an excellent match for senior companionship. When Emmy retired as an RN, she began working as a live-in companion, and she loves it!

As a live-in companion, Emmy does the shopping, cooking, and cleaning for her clients. She helps them with bathing and dressing, takes them out on day trips and tries to give her clients the best quality of life. She explains that she enjoys the challenge of companionship, “when I can find ways of making the aging process as enjoyable as I can for my clients, I feel satisfied.”

Emmy has had multiple long term clients, all at different stages of the aging process. She says that the type of bond you build with the clients you live with is something much deeper than friendship, it’s a connection that’s only possible through daily companionship.

Many of her fondest memories come from her Alzheimer’s clients. “Some of the hardest situations often have the most rewarding and enriching outcomes,” say’s Emmy. She loves the challenge that comes with meeting and servicing so many different characters. Finding out what each likes and what makes them happy. Emmy’s greatest joy comes from finding that connection and building on it “although my clients don’t realize it, through their experiences and personalities, they have given me much more than I can give them.” With the new year underway, she is looking forward to new opportunities, new clients, and new challenges. She encourages all seniors companions to try live-in caregiving at least once, and she promises that it will far exceed your expectations.

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