Lessons from our CEO Lori: teamwork

Image: Lessons from our CEO Lori: teamwork

Teamwork is one of the greatest secrets to success.

Some of the most powerful and influential people throughout history can credit much of their success to working alongside others. At Spectrum Health Care teamwork is an instrumental factor in our ability to provide our patients with excellent service. Coordinating the services we provide takes the dedication, skill set and knowledge of many individuals who each play an important role on our team. Like many skills, being an effective team player is a skill that can be continuously worked upon and perfected.

What makes an effective team player?

Throughout my career I have learned that effective team players have four core qualities that often set them apart from mediocre team players:

  • Reliability: You can depend on them to get work done when they say they will get it done!
  • Active participation: They are not content being on the sidelines, they willingly want to get involved and be part of the team.
  • Helpful: They look for opportunities to help others on their team.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Problems don't scare them, they are eager to find solutions and improve processes.

As we grow and expand our services having strong team players will be a tremendous asset to our business. Let us all challenge ourselves to work on becoming vibrant team members exhibiting exceptional teamwork!

Warm regards,

Lori Lord